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We have some of the most advanced diagnostic capabilities in the Back Mountain Community and have been a local referral center for advanced diagnostics for many years. Our extensive in-house laboratory allows us to get results quickly, often while you wait, allowing for more accurate diagnosing and treating of sick pets. We have also been performing Echocardiograms and Abdominal Ultrasounds for over 10 years. We have the ability to send patient history, physical exam notes, lab test results and xrays directly to Board Certified Cardiologists and Internal Medicine Specialists through Telemedicine. This enables us to consult with specialists on behalf of our clients to get the most thorough, up-to-date information possible, usually receiving a written report within 24 hours. We also offer Endoscopy Services, Video Otoscopy, Rhinoscopy, Vaginoscopy, Electrocardiograms, Blood Pressure Monitoring, and Tonometry. For more information on each, please see the list of individual services.

Dr. Phillips performing Video Otoscopy

Seven Reasons for Pursuing Endoscopy

  1. Endoscopy is one of the most diagnostically useful, yet minimally invasive tools available in veterinary medicine today.
  2. It allows the veterinarian to directly evaluate such areas as the GI Tract, Urinary Tract, Upper and Lower Airways, and the Abdominal Cavity.
  3. Exploratory Surgery can be costly and no one wants to put a pet through unnecessary surgery. Endoscopy can either enable the veterinarian to remove foreign bodies without Exploratory Surgery or confirm the necessity for Exploratory Surgery.
  4. Unlike Exploratory Surgery, recovery from Endoscopy often permits a patient to go home the same day, needing minimal pain management.
  5. Video Endoscopy captures images for the patient’s file, making it easier for the veterinarian to directly monitor of the progression of chronic conditions and to evaluate the responsiveness of various conditions to therapy.
  6. Endoscopy permits biopsy samples to be obtained for examination, helping to establish a diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic approach for many diseases.
  7. Endoscopy enables the veterinarian to diagnose conditions not readily apparent through radiology such as ulcers, fungal infections and mucosal neoplasia.

Sunday Urgent Care Clinic

Back Mountain Veterinary Hospital is pleased to offer "Sunday Urgent Care" as an alternative to going to the Emergency Clinic for a problem that is not a true emergency. We offer Same-Day Call-Ahead scheduling for non-critical appointments. Calling...

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