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Are you looking for a Veterinarian for your exotic/avian/pocket pet? Look no further. Dr. Bennett developed her interest in exotic animal and avian medicine and surgery while at Stoneridge Animal Hospital which is a small animal, exotics and avian general practice. She is also a Catagory II USDA Certified Veterinarian, who also holds a certificate of Veterinary Dentistry Education from the University of Illinois.

Dr. Bennett has experience with all manner of exotics, reptiles and avians. It makes things very interesting here since we never know just what new pet we may be seeing on any given day. Since she has started with us we have seen snakes, ducks, chickens, hamsters, chinchillas, mini pigs, bearded dragons, lizards, ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits, parrots, parakeets, and canaries. She does wellness exams, any necessary vaccinations, sick appointments and spays, neuters and if necessary, non-routine surgeries as well. Dr. Bennett does not see any venomous snakes, stinging insects (giant centipeedes, scorpions, etc), arachnids or illegal pets (wildlife, alligators, bobcats, wolves, etc.)

Sunday Urgent Care Clinic

Back Mountain Veterinary Hospital is pleased to offer "Sunday Urgent Care" as an alternative to going to the Emergency Clinic for a problem that is not a true emergency. Starting April 7th, we will have Same-Day Call-Ahead scheduling for non-critical...

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