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Laboratory Testing

Our extensive in-house laboratory allows us to get results quickly, often while you wait, allowing for more accurate diagnosing and treating of sick pets. These tests include blood chemistry for evaluation of organ function (Chem 10 and Chem 17), complete blood counts to evaluate dehydration status, clotting ability and indications of infection (CBC). We can monitor electrolytes and check for thyroid imbalances. (Cats are prone to hyperthyroidism while dogs are inclined towards hypothyroidism.) Urinalysis checks for blood, pH level, ketones, sugar, protien, bacteria and crystals. Canine Pancreatic Lipase tests (CPLi) can be run to rule-out or confirm pancreatitis for our patients with severe GI upset. We routinely test in-house for FeLV and FIV (infectious cat diseases), Heartworm (transmitted by mosquitos), Lyme's Disease, Ehrlichia and Anaplasmosis (all 3 are tick-borne diseases). These tests can be scheduled at your convenience and results are obtained within 10 minutes. We can also test in-house for GI parasites (roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, tapeworms, etc.), protozoa (coccidia and giardia) and the Parvovirus (Parvo)through fecal examination and rectal swabs.

In addition to our in-house labortory, we work closely with several outside labs for specialized tests. Many of these send out tests have results back to us within 24 hours which are imported directly into your pet's medical records. These tests include but certainly are not limited to: biopsies, phenobarbital levels, potassium bromide levels, cultures and sensitivities, ACTH tests, LDDS tests, cytology, protein/creatinine ratios, cortisol/creatinine ratios, fluid analysis, titers, stone analysis, fructosamine levels, and progesterone levels. There are literally thousands of laboratory tests we have access to through our affiliation with outside labs to ensure we have the diagnositic capabilities for your pet's needs.

Sunday Urgent Care Clinic

Back Mountain Veterinary Hospital is pleased to offer "Sunday Urgent Care" as an alternative to going to the Emergency Clinic for a problem that is not a true emergency. We offer Same-Day Call-Ahead scheduling for non-critical appointments. Calling...

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